In anticipation of better paddle-temperature in the lakes

Winter = No paddling

Although there is no ice and snow here, I do not like to go kayaking in cold water, some of you guys would not agree with me on that .. 🙂
So I just waiting for spring ……..

When I bought the kayak it had an underlying rudder that I was not happy with:


I changed it to a smaller one, (not so deep) of an alu-plate. That was better but I think i´m gonna paddle without rudder from now on.

I also did a cart, just for Dalsland Canoe Marathon race, it is not good in sand or other soft surfaces:


I added some elastic cord so it is easier to strap GPS, GoPro..


20080912 023






Picture from one of my visits on the island Björkön, Tösse skärgård, Vänern:


…. and my english (a result of a mix of my old brain & Google translate) are getting better and better, I promise.  🙂

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