Onsdagspaddling Millesvik 20140625

Another great evening with Friluftsfrämjandet Amal / Saffle.

Started by Flåvik and had coffee at St Hästholmen, a small rain before cates otherwise we managed from rain. 18km


Ytterligare en kanonkväll med Friluftsfrämjandet Åmål/Säffle.

Startade vid Flåvik och fikade på St Hästholmen, lite regnstänk före fikat annars så klarade vi oss från regn. 18km








5 thoughts on “Onsdagspaddling Millesvik 20140625”

  1. Hey Vanerpaddel,
    Greeting from the Oregon coast. Thanks for stopping by the edge of blue. I am envious of all the people you were paddling with on the video. I have one paddle friend. Not many other seakayakers live on the coast here.

    1. Hi, 9 times of 10 I paddle alone. I feel that it is more free and calm that way, but sometimes it is nice to be in a group of paddlers. Here is a lot of small lakes so canoes and kayaks is common.

      Stefan V.

      1. I understand the solo paddle. It is freeing. But since I am learning about open ocean paddling I am going with an experienced paddler and only by myself on calm days

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