My collection of new photos of Seagulls.. :)

During my recent kayak trip, I got a new friend, a seagull.
Sometimes he/she came with a friend, but most of the time it was just the seagull and me. 😀










And finally a question:

Are there any WordPress users who know how to select the display mode in the pictures in a post?

I would like to use the carousel but can not find the setting.
I do not use any downloaded WordPress software, I just log in with my account.

7 thoughts on “My collection of new photos of Seagulls.. :)”

  1. Beautiful! By “carousel” do you mean “slideshow?” Where one photo appears at a time, automatically? How-tos are in the “help” area… we’ve used the slideshow once or twice, but really, it is quite nice to see each photo as you have them here!

    1. Thanks, if you look at my gallery at the top, or “bilder” to the right… there I used “Carousel”.
      Easier if there are many pictures.

      BR / Stefan V.

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