More pictures from Björkön 20140717 – 20140719

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 003

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 005

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 006

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 007

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 008

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 011

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 013

Vanerpaddel Viklund Tösse 015

14 thoughts on “More pictures from Björkön 20140717 – 20140719”

  1. Beautiful set, I lit the ladybug , nice dof and the 3 last ones.
    In the 3 by the end, the sun just between the trees is really great !
    Have a nice sunday

    1. It´s really relaxing to do these trips, I have two choises; put the tent close to the jetty and meet a lot of boat owners, or land on a smaller island and just be alone.
      Most of the time I take the small islands just for the silence..


  2. You will be appalled if I say that I think I like the beetle best, won’t you, Stefan ?
    You can’t get to my other site any more, btw: the only one now in existence is I think you must’ve missed about 300 posts regarding all that. Tsk ! [grin]

    1. You mean the little Ladybug on the tent? :/
      There is no way that little insect can beat a nice sunset. 🙂

      If I click on your head in my “Blog Community”, i´m gonna be directed to a blog who are locked, so my first thought was that you´ve blocked me. 🙂

      300 posts on English missed… much possible. 😉

      Have a decent day.


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