14 thoughts on “More pictures from Björkön 20140717 – 20140719”

  1. Beautiful set, I lit the ladybug , nice dof and the 3 last ones.
    In the 3 by the end, the sun just between the trees is really great !
    Have a nice sunday

    1. It´s really relaxing to do these trips, I have two choises; put the tent close to the jetty and meet a lot of boat owners, or land on a smaller island and just be alone.
      Most of the time I take the small islands just for the silence..


  2. Beautiful photos! Love the first one especially. I haven’t been proper camping since I was a kid. I should go more often!

    1. Thanks, I live in a perfect area for camping, very few people and boats.
      I started with camping and kayaks when I was 48, so it´s not to late. 🙂

  3. You will be appalled if I say that I think I like the beetle best, won’t you, Stefan ?
    You can’t get to my other site any more, btw: the only one now in existence is margaretrosestringer.com. I think you must’ve missed about 300 posts regarding all that. Tsk ! [grin]

    1. You mean the little Ladybug on the tent? :/
      There is no way that little insect can beat a nice sunset. 🙂

      If I click on your head in my “Blog Community”, i´m gonna be directed to a blog who are locked, so my first thought was that you´ve blocked me. 🙂

      300 posts on English missed… much possible. 😉

      Have a decent day.


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