22 thoughts on “Redfield Fractalius”

  1. I click on ‘Like’ for the second frame only: I’m an anti-fx person, as the photog.s I follow know … But this works on that particular frame. 🙂

      1. Oh, you’ll have LOTS of people thinking it wonderful, Stefan ! – I’m the only intolerant old fart around ! 😀

  2. Intriguing images! I’m in M-R’s camp with the effects … but it does create a visual interest and (every now and then) is fun for a change!

    1. I agree, My thought is that it might be neat to look at, but you can not see the details in the image.
      But a warning, it can show up some more of it in the future.. 🙂

      Stefan V.

  3. I am in the camp ground of improve it if you can! Beautiful! I was hoping it was a phone App!

  4. I have seen more pics with that App…But your results are far better!!! I think because you use it very carefully and with a lot of taste…
    A pity it has to be purchased…:(

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