A daytrip to the swedish west coast.. again.


This time we visit the little town Grebbestad, a really nice village just on the coastline.

I was looking up Kajakcenter http://www.kajakcenter.com/ and looked for a new PFD (Personal Floating Device), found a good one but only in XSmall… 😦

Going to order it later when proper size for common men are in the shop.. 🙂








My wife Ulla bathed before the journey home

9 thoughts on “A daytrip to the swedish west coast.. again.”

  1. Goon on her ! – and so she should, in a beautiful place like that ! Some lovely little boats there, Stefan – you’re not tempted …?
    Obviously they’re stocking those flotation things only for children: you need a shop for grownups ! [grin]

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