18 thoughts on “Molly part 2”

  1. CRIKEY, Stefan ! – she’s HUGE !!! I can see the Newfoundland … and what were those other inputs ? Everything, probably !!! What a gorgeous, enormous dog ! 🙂

    1. 🙂 Her father is an Landzeer and her mother are half Landzeer and half Leonberger.
      And she are quite small of you look up pictures of Landzeer´s.
      But we like her.. 🙂

    1. Thanks, you never know when you buy these mixed tiny puppies how big there going to be, but we aew satisfied that she didn´t get the size of her father, he was BIG. 🙂


  2. Thank you for stopping by my site, I hope you found something enjoyable to read. I love Molly, how could anyone not love Molly!!!!! The photos with the little are adorable. I’m following you and hope to see more of Molly in the future. 🙂

    1. Hi and thanks, I´ve started to read a couple of blogs, yours included.
      You have a very strong and important blog.

      I think it’s enough Molly-pictures for now, but maybe later. 🙂


      1. I’ll take strong and important any day. I speak from the heart on issues important to me. My hope is readers enjoy or learn from my site. Have a great day. 🙂 I’m following you. Don’t want to miss your journey or photos of Molly.

      2. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the words in the English language, but I think you understand.
        Your blog touched me pretty much.
        And I guarantees more pictures of Molly. 😉


  3. Molly is so big! I didn’t realize how big from the later post. Looking after the little one. 🙂

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