Meals in the Wilderness

I believe that you all are thinking about what this man eats when he is out in the kayak?

Of course you do..  🙂

So, here are some pictures of my gourmet dishes:


Meatballs and pasta




Fish balls in lobster sauce and mashed potatoes.. (Fish balls?? I blame Google translate on this.)  🙂


Sausage and macaroni


Coffee time


Freshly picked chanterelles




Mosquito soup, good for my diet.. 🙂


Nothing to see here, just two men trying to warm up some Ravioli.. 🙂


My camp

24 thoughts on “Meals in the Wilderness”

  1. Why, of course we were wondering!! 🙂 And at last the mystery of your weight loss is solved: Nothing to do with fitness. It is all down to the mosquito soup! Haha! (Actually made me laugh out loud… ) As for the fish balls, Google translate is an idiot. Try seafood balls or fish nuggets…. I have a great recipe for sticky squid balls, by the way. That sounds just so wrong, and I don’t even have Google to blame.

  2. You made me laugh loudly three times, Stefan ! 😀
    —fiskbullar ?
    —mosquito soup
    —nothing to see here
    Delightful !!!!

  3. Chanterelles! Yummy! Well, I’m always curious about what other trekkers eat in the wilderness. I promise I have never eaten fish balls, but I am pretty sure I’ve eaten mosquitoes. Sometimes it’s just too much effort to pick out the bugs. 😉

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your humor and some of the small but important details of when a person spends a lot of time outdoors.

  4. We should send you more Mosquitos, that one looks a little lonely. Aside from that, it looks like you eat pretty well.

  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    As my husband will testify I am not one for camping – in fact when we were first married we would head to the lake district for some hiking and rather than his high tec tent (for those days) and a sleeping bag I persuaded him to take advantage of B&B’s and a full English – however perhaps I might have reconsidered the catering aspects had this feast been on offer (apart from the mosquito!)…

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