The struggle of weight..

In January 2011 I decided to become a bit lighter in weight. I then weighed 108kg (height 169cm). I put on my diet and simultaneously began to take walks and kayaking in April. In October the same year, I weighed 80kg. Unfortunately, I now weigh 90kg, there is constantly a battle. 🙂

A short clip who shows the difference:

13 thoughts on “The struggle of weight..”

  1. As the Yanks say, tell me about it. 😦
    I was fat as a child, and have gone up and down like a bloody yoyo ever since in my efforts to be a normal size. I never have been; and that’s the bottom line. Happily, have reached the age when I don’t give a shit.

    1. 🙂
      I am in that age you mentioned, but it´s all in the practical when I go in and out from the kayak in a safe mode.
      And everything goes so much easier when I weighs between 80 to 85kg.
      My length are 169cm, so I am not fat… I´m just too short.

    1. Yes, you´re correct. After two days out, I can just sit and look out on the lake for hours, totally relaxed.
      If I go for a daytrip I don´t get the same “peace”, it takes time.


  2. Weight is a struggle for some. Good luck to you on managing your weight to a healthy number.

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