Wednesday to Friday on the water around Lurö, Sweden

I started as usual from Ekenäs port, this time in a lovely weather.

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-001

I steered to the southeast to N Hökön

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-002

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-003

There I found a nice little cove with a clear view to the east, I have never been here before.

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-004

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-004a

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-005

An amazing view from the tent

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-006

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-008

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-009

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-009a

In the next bay, I saw a beaver

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-010

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-011

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-012

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-013

Early the next morning 4:45 Sunrise

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-014

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-015

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-016

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-016a

At lunch-time I packed the equipment in the kayak and went against Bösshamn

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-017

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-018

Up with the tent again on Bösshamn

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-019

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-020

After dinner I took a walk with the camera

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-022

The orange dots are for it to be easier to follow the paths of the island

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-023

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-024

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-026

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-027

A new friend under the tent

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-028

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-029

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-030

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-031

It was a bath every day, still warm in the water, 17-18º C

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-034

And I finally got a picture of a Sea Eagle, a little awkward to take a picture of these in a short distance. They have eyes like a hawk.. 🙂

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-035

On my way back to Ekenäs

Vanerpaddel Lurö 20140904-032

A map on my 3 day paddle. Approx 32km


38 thoughts on “Wednesday to Friday on the water around Lurö, Sweden”

    1. Thanks!
      Earlier this year, the association in charge of the management of the islands wanted to get some suggestions for improvements. Then I suggested a bench to sit on and watch the sunrise, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the bench.

  1. Great pictures and a very nice tour as well! Amazing you found a lovely new spot where you hadn’t been before, after all your visits in this archepilago during many years.
    A revisit is must for me even more so now!

  2. WONDERFUL post, Stefan ! – WONDERFUL day !!! Just glorious.If anything were to encourage people to go kayaking, this would … although they’d have to be Swedish, of course … [grin]

  3. Så fina bilder! Kändes som om jag var med på turen efterhand som jag tittade. Bilderna förmedlade verkligen ett lugn och en fin natur.

  4. Hejhej,
    I received a message that nyou are following my blog from now on. Hjärtlig välkommen! As my husband died last year, I shall not visit Sweden so often as we used to do. The very first time we were in Sweden was in 1975, with our 2 children (then 8 and 6(. And we came back so many times. Because of that I enjoy the photo’s from your trip on the island. It brings me back in your wonderful country. Thank you!

    1. Hi and Tack! 🙂
      Är du svensk eller har du lärt dig det svenska språket?
      I am glad that my pictures interests other bloggers. 🙂

      (Sorry for your loss)


      1. I am dutch, but as we had many times our semester in Sweden I tried to learn swedish a little bit. So, when I comment, sometimes it will be in swedish and english. Or do you prefer dutch?

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