16 thoughts on “Our cat Maja”

  1. This is an ADORABLE shot, Stefan ! I love the way she is shoving her nose into the camera, or about to, with zero regard for the photog. Cats are heavenly: I will brook no other opinion.
    Please may we have some more shots of Maja …?

    1. More shots? Really? This “cat” are a monster, a small monster. About 16-17 years old.
      My record of holding her are 16 sec. My wife and our youngest son Mattias can hold her but not me. 😦

      1. I am truly sorry about that; it must make you a bit sad. Cats are strange creatures, and there’s no understanding them. I am impressed by her age: your family obviously looks after her very well. I may kill my mog before he gets to that age. [grin]

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