About this “cat” Maja

When we decided to bring home a cat for about 16-17 years ago, the family voted …. I lost with the numbers: 5-1.

This is not a nice cat, she is constantly grumpy and morose.

Warning.. strong picture in the end. 🙂


20090623 008_Snapseed

20090811 012_Snapseed




Here she is out there and looking at our goldfish, she has not eaten any …. yet. 🙂


As I said… she is a Monster.. 🙂

14 thoughts on “About this “cat” Maja”

  1. Just doing her job! It would appear she has staying power–16-17 years. She must like you. 🙂 Looking at the fish, she seems to be deciding whether it is worth getting a wet paw.

  2. What a cute cat. Cats are as they are. I like them. They are very special and live their own live. Well if they catch mice, only they dont catch birds or goldfish.

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