What have been on my camera-sensor today?

First I had a planned visit to my doctor and the result of that meeting was: replace one medicine with two others. 🙂

It´s still a mess in my head and my strength are just over zero.

Before the visit I was at the hospital and gave some blood tests, between these I had an hour to kill so I went out in Saffle with the camera.



The old watertower




Our new shopping centers in 2015

7 thoughts on “What have been on my camera-sensor today?”

  1. It will be fine if you have confidence in what’s being prescribed for you, Stefan … Do you talk in depth about the medication, so that you know what it all is ?
    Anyway …
    You certainly didn’t waste your time while you were waiting ! 🙂
    What is the amazing tower being … ahh … reconstructed ?

    1. Nowadays I always have a lot of questions when they want to change any medicine. We discuss both the positive and downsides about the drug.
      (The white small ones are really awesome) 🙂

      There are carpenters on the tower and doing their stuff, I don´t know. 😉

      It’s always a pleasure to get your comments.


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