Shutterspeed, Aperture, Focal length and…. water

7 thoughts on “Shutterspeed, Aperture, Focal length and…. water”

  1. Oh, WONDERFUL, Stefan ! – just wonderful. What a fascinating display of shutter-speeds ! – and that 1/400th is just SENSATIONAL ! Why would anyone do anything different ?
    Um. I suppose because they don’t have cameras with such a range of variable speeds … OK: I can accept that. [grin]
    Question: did you find this as interesting as I do …?

    1. Thanks, it´s have been snow and rain all the time here, so the water was in high speed, too fast for nice pictures.
      If the water are slow, the pictures with 1-3 sec shutter speed can be really nice.
      To your last question…
      No, not really, almost boring.

      😀 😀

      1. 🙂
        Seriously, it’s fun to test the limits of the camera sometimes. But I must find a better stream next time, with clean water.

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