Ekenäs, Vänern

Today we took the car out to Ekenäs (where I usually put in the kayak).
From the car park we walked the path towards the southern tip of Värmlandsnäs.
The rain stayed away until we got back to the car. Great day. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Ekenäs, Vänern”

  1. Your wife ! – from the front !! How come a nice-looking lady like that married you ? [grin]
    Molly’s lookin good, eh ? – such a pity she lives such a miserable life, Stefan. NOT !
    Lovely photos, m’dear !

      1. Perhaps if you DID, life would be a lot easier, eh, Stefan ? I believe that depression is largely a matter of self-image … But then, what the devil would *I* know …?!

      2. 🙂
        What depression? I´m on medication, you know… 😉

        Today I had to pay for the outdoor walk yesterday, my strenght is not yet that good.

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