Tiny, fast birds

Tried this morning to get some camerafocus on these tiny, nervous birds at the same time Molly (our dog) and Maja (our cat) was out in the garden. 🙂 🙂
No animals was hurt in this photoshoot, Maja was too tired and Molly are always too slow, but the birds was not aware of that so they continued their crazy speed..

4 thoughts on “Tiny, fast birds”

  1. they’re like song birds on crack…ed seed. they love the stuff and are suped up little spirits. reminds me, I gotta go fill the feeders today….. thanks 🙂 mikey

  2. Bravo, Stefan !!! – dunno how you did it, but can only imagine it was with a much faster shutter-speed than yesterday’s !
    Lovely shots: you should be tickled pink ! 😀

  3. I’m always amazed to see birds so similar, yet different from what I’m used to seeing here. These must be related to our Chickadees. And they are also hard to get a shot of over here!

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