Goals for 2015

For now I have two goals for next year:

1. Join “365 FOTON”, take 365 pictures with a list of different themes. Think this will develop my photography. 🙂

2. (here is the tricky one) DROP SOME WEIGHT, I have a length of 168 cm and weight close to 100 kg (102kg) 🙂

My plan is to reduce my weight with 15-20 kg, if you have followed my blog this year you know that I have done this before.

My problem is to stay in shape, it is easy to increase the dinner plate.

Some of my medicine are not gonna doing it easier for me, but if I manage to get lighter and more “fit” perhaps I can reduce my medication.

7 thoughts on “Goals for 2015”

  1. Both good challenges. I’d like to take my photography to the next level so I should look into that photo a day challenge. And I hear you about dinner plates getting larger …

  2. The photography challenge sounds like fun, and hopefully it will keep your mind on things besides food. 🙂 Wishing you all the best with both goals.

  3. The Project 365 seems daunting to me. I’ve just completed a Project 52, and that was challenging. I’m planning to it again in 2015. Dropping weight- been there, done that, and need to drop about 8 pounds myself. Why is it so hard to lose those?!!!

    It certainly would be a win/win if you lose the weight, and can reduce your medications. Best of luck to you on both challenges!

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