Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not as fun as it sounds.. :)

It’s time for an update regarding my “illness” (CFS).

Here in Sweden I have about 80% of salary when I´m sick, the amount decreases slightly with time and after 2.5 years so it ends. This will happen to me in April this year, then take a Job Centre over my work situation. I hope to continue working at my current employer, where I get along very well and has an interesting job.

I now work 25% and going to make a last final effort so I end up at 75-100% before April. (and decrease the amount of medicine) In the current situation it feels that it is possible but I have previously had both ups and downs, but as has been said .. right now it feels good.

Kind regards

Stefan Viklund

… who tries to:  Always look at the bright side of life (whistling) 🙂

I´ve used Google to translate this but I hope you understand some parts of it..

22 thoughts on “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not as fun as it sounds.. :)”

  1. Google did pretty well on the translation. Chronic fatigue syndrome is hard to deal with because it can take so long to get over it. I have a friend that took him about 5 years to finally get back to normal. If your employer will work with you on the ups and downs, that really helps. Good luck.

  2. Your English is better than you give yourself credit for, Stefan; and yes, the post is entirely comprehensible. That aspect of your story is what drew me to your blog in the first place: you were not afraid to put yourself out in the open, so to speak.
    And so I tease you and am awfully rude to you, and, I hope, make you laugh. But you know, Australians are only ever rude to people they like. When we don’t like people, we are horribly polite to them.
    CFS must be … what? – perhaps ‘exhausting, both physically and emotionally’, yes ?
    I feel for you.

    1. Thanks.. it sounds like I’m having the same bad manner as the Australians.
      CFS stands for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” and I´m sure that means something like: Bad short memory, problems with the letterc on the keyboard (It’s insanely annoying) pain in muscles and always tired.

  3. I was diagnosed with CFS about 20 years ago. It lasted for two years or more, and I was lucky to have an understanding employer. The good thing that came from it was that I learned to take better care of myself and listen to my body. It was a long process back to health (I took no meds other than over the counter)… and a positive attitude has much to do with healing!

  4. Thanks for sharing Stefan and the translation worked very well. I hope that you continue to recover and regain your energy and strength. I know it’s cold in your part of the world however, keep warm and positive. Let all the positive comments/messages give you the strength to heal. 🙂

  5. Very sorry to read of your situation. Take care of yourself and best wishes for things to work out so you don’t have this added pressure beyond your illness.

  6. Evidently they are changing the name here in the US so there is no stigma attached (or less). And there is some indication that maybe research is developing new data, perhaps new facts, and maybe even improved treatments. Good luck to you!

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