18 thoughts on “The crow”

  1. Hilarious, Stefan ! 🙂
    There it is, observing a huge number of ducks having what seems to be a marvellous feed, and it can’t get in there to find out what it is, even …
    What a super shot !

  2. Is this a caption contest?:

    “Nobody here but us ducks.”

    “You liar! That is NOT Konrad Lorenz!”

    “Mom said there would be days I’d feel ‘different'”.

    “There once was an ug-ly duck-ling…
    With feathers all shiny and black,
    And the o-ther birds, in so many words, said
    ‘Yuck-that duck is wack!'”

  3. We had so many crows where we used to live — they were always around — but I never noticed the angry look. But you are right, they do look that way!

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