An update about my work situation/illness

Since my earlier update:

… I have searched for a “second opinion” in Gothenburg (Not so fun to drive 400 km t/r for a one hour consultation with a psychiatrist). Next meeting are April 1st. I hope this is leading somewhere.
My personally thought are that I´m getting better and more alert (still bad memory, age error probably) 🙂

According to the Swedish approach ends my financial contribution from the “sick insurance” April 17st (very exciting), I’m allowed to be sick with contribution for 2.5 years, after that I end up automatically in the Employment Service.
With these guys, I will have a meeting next week, then we’ve changed my jobs chores (not the same tracks as before), I am convinced that it will end up well.
I have also started to decrease my medication and my head/body are still working good. Very satisfied with this..
I still hope and believe that I can return to 100% working time before April is over. (Less time with the camera, but I can live with that) 🙂

If the texting look funny and strange… blame Google Translate. 🙂

Life can be quite exiting time to time, sometimes too exiting.. 😉

Stefan V

21 thoughts on “An update about my work situation/illness”

  1. I hope your confidence is on a solid basis – and it certainly seems to be, Stefan. Well done with the English !
    As for forgetting … don’t bloody talk about it, OK ? I sometimes think I’m going to forget where I damn well LIVE ! Yes, it is a symptom of ageing. And for you it’s also probably made worse because you’re not using your brain as much as you used to, even though you’re much, much younger than I. Best of luck with it all; at least you have that gorgeous lady by your side. Not all blokes are as lucky (well, except my my husband, of course [grin]) …

    1. 🙂
      Thanks M-R, everything seems to work out pretty good now but I always have one foot on the brakes, just in case…

      Yes, she is a fortunate lady to have me by her side.. 😉

  2. Det verkar som om du är på rätt väg! Gott så. Känselspröten brukar vara att lita på. Jobba inte på för hårt bara från början – sega dig uppåt, lite i taget. Känselspröten först!

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