14 thoughts on “Ants and other… stuff in the nature.”

  1. Den där sista rackaren känner jag inte igen. Fin liten skalbagge, ja och även myrorna och blomstren förstås.

  2. I can remember when the only pics you posted were about kayaking, Stefan. They were nice ! – but … everything you post now is nicer, because it’s no much more – adventurous ! 🙂
    How are Ulla and Molly ? – and that very grumpy cat ?

      1. I certainly don’t LIKE that ! How on earth does a small household manage when both husband and wife are sick ? Do the young ones give you a hand, Stefan ?

      2. We can manage (not so much cake-production right now) Everything goes on half speed.
        I hope to start work on Monday ( I´ve started a project to change our Telephone switchboard system) so there are some delays because of my “sick on leave”
        We are better now, so we are soon back in business. 🙂

      3. That was the next thing I meant to ask you about – your health. This sounds absolutely wonderful, Stefan ! – I’m thrilled to bits for you ! 🙂

      4. Thanks M-R, It feels great right now (minus the flu) I have changed my working hours to 75% since first day in May and hope that I can go 100% before the summer vacations 🙂

      5. TERRIFIC !!! That’s the best news I’ve had in a long time …
        There’s nothing quite as wonderful as pulling oneself through dark times and emerging again into the light.
        I am REALLY, REALLY happy for you, my dear !

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