Older kayak pics..

Before my paddle tours (when the water has become a bit warmer) this year, I show you some older kayaking pictures.
Some I have probably post before ..

10 thoughts on “Older kayak pics..”

  1. Tried some kayaking earlier this year but it tipped me in calm water. Any tips for beginners…do you have to start with beginner boat and or get used to being dumped in the ocean far from land? Found it quite scary.

    1. For me it took a while before I was relaxed in the kayak, it depends on what type of kayak you are starting with. One way is to pack the kayak with heavy things, some water cans or something.
      You can notice a nice difference between a empty kayak and a loaded one.

      1. Not really, normally I go out on friday and after approx 20km I find some island to camp on, we have a lot of small islands in our lake. Then I can go out on short trips and go back to the tent before the sunset.
        So my pleasure with paddling is to come out and just relax, not so much to feel the distance you go..

      2. Sounds really nice…my two brothers and I did something similar when we were young …many adventures to be had that city folk don’t realise exist.

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