Kayak days

Once I tried to paddle around the lake Vanern, the biggest lake in northern europe (550km trip) I only manage 125km of them.

One day there was a fantastic weather change all day long, it ended up with hail, rain, heavy wind and some lightning.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”







17 thoughts on “Kayak days”

  1. I have yet to kayak in something less stressful than a bathtub lake–your sky shots are exciting. The ‘people’ shaped clouds are great fun, am thinking the lightening was a bit more exciting than you anticipated, but thankfully the rainbow followed!

  2. What interesting weather! The cloud formations, the lightening, and the rainbow. I’ve gotten caught in thunderstorms while kayaking but couldn’t get a pic of the lightening, so good work!

      1. That’s still awesome! I had a go pro on too for one lightening storm and still couldn’t get any pics like that, so nice work! 🙂

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