12 thoughts on “Goldfish”

  1. Our pond is shallow but we have a rock wall around it that sticks up as a border and that serves as a protection. It has never frozen.Now we live near the coast in Texas so there is not much freezing going on around here lol. Occasionally we will get a freeze but the ponds never froze maybe its because there is circulating water I am not sure. They say by mixing in some pond water in the aquarium its less shock to the fish and they adjust better. I wanted to get some algae eaters for the pond but they have to be brought in during the cold weather. I hope your fish do great.

      1. We have Koi and goldfish one super large Koi that is 3 yrs old one 1/2 grown one that is about 1 1/2 yrs old the rest of the big Kois a Great Blue Heron ate them but he left the goldfish. Now our pond is netted.

      2. I hated to net our pond because it is quite beautiful, but I think it was a good choice to keep the daily visitor away. Now I have not seen him lately but do I dare to take the net off I am not sure yet.

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