WPC Ornate

This one are a bit difficult for me, I do usually not take these kind of pictures but I try the natures breathtakingly patterns and ornate instead..

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-331

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-330

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-329

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-328

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-327

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-324

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-323

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-322

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-321

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-320

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-303

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-302

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-301

Vanerpaddel Viklund 558-300

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ornate.”

26 thoughts on “WPC Ornate”

    1. There is no problem, when I put a picture on the blog, Instagram, or other social media, it is free to do what you want with the image. The picture is small (usually 1000 x 750) I’m not doing this to make money, I do it for fun.
      So feel free to use the images, Natalie and please write who the photographer was. 🙂

  1. what a beautiful walk thru the seasons. (I thought the first one was a spent dandelion) Each scene was captured perfectly.

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