11 thoughts on “Apple-tree”

  1. I love these blossom photos. We have a pear tree in our garden and some time ago I posted photos of its blossoms, because the weather forecast had announced storm and hail. So the next day the blossoms on the tree were gone, but they were still on my photos. What about your blossoms?

  2. I hope the frost. missed your apple blossoms. I haven’t kept in touch for quite a long time hope you are all well over there at your place. I see is on this one picture, you have a bird that we call a loon, they can sure make a mournful sound in the evening somewhere out in the middle of the lake. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Hi. No frost here so the apples are in progress. 🙂
      We have two sorts of Loon here; The large one and the small one. “Lom” on swedish. And yes, they have a fantastic sound over the lakes in late afternoon.

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