Update on my Fatigue syndrome

I believe that I did a post about my problems with Fatigue syndrome last year, this is an update on that:

After doing a large variety of tests at the hospitals in Arvika and Karlstad, I’m sure I have no “letter diagnosis” (like ADHD, ADD, ACDC ….)
It seems that I “just” have an excerpt and quite a hard fatigue syndrome. It’s almost 5 years since it started.
I’m just waiting to see some signs of returning to a normal life, I’m pretty tired of being tired all the time .. 😉

Stefan Viklund


8 thoughts on “Update on my Fatigue syndrome”

  1. My CFS lasted a bit longer than two years. I can’t imagine five years of it. What helped me most was a change of diet (I am a Paleo lifestyle person) and learning to listen to my body and take care to rest more – and de-stress.

    1. I have tried a lot of “cures” but changing my diet ( just excluding my lifetime hunt for a new thin body) 🙂 I´m going to check this up, interesting. Thanks.

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