Stefan Viklund worked as an ICT Administrator in Säffle, Sweden.

Married , four kids and one lovely grandchild.

Purchased his kayak 2008 and after this he become an “kayacoholic”. It´s great in the summer to just go out with his kayak and tent after work and be out for a couple of days.

He live in a nice area with a lot of small lakes in close range and 10 km to Vanern – the largest lake in north of europe.

He have always had a hobby of taking pictures with SLR and DSLR, even assorted pocket cameras and now more recently mobile phones.

Cameras that he use:

Canon EOS 70D, GoPro 3, GoPro 2 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

In addition to his kit lens (18-55, 55-250), he uses a Canon EF 100 f2.8 macro USM, EF 70-200 f4 L USM and a EF 40 f2.8.

He need a nice tele lens, 300-500mm (it is on his list) 🙂


320 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi, I started to follow some writers (I´m trying to learn to write some kind of a story… in English) 🙂
      So, from follower to follower I find you and I liked the latest about your grandfather but I have not checked so many pages in your blog yet.

      Stefan V

      1. Your English is great!!!!!! Nothing like learning a new language. I am language handicapped. I know a few curse words in Spanish, one greeting in Cyrillic, a few words in French and Italian. Maybe I’ll learn at least a couple words in Swedish following you. I wanted to say my thoughts are with your wife. I suffer from Lyme and can relate on some level to her struggles. She can contact me anytime she needs someone, I’m sure we can help each other. Have a great day. 🙂

  1. Hello Stefan nice to meet you and thank you for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.. I browsed last evening some of your blog via my phone and can now not find the post which said you suffered from Fatigue Syndrome. I sympathise and totally understand, as I had Fibromyalgia FMS .. I hope you find much of interest within my blog.. And Love all of your photo’s.

    1. Hi Sue, here are the URL:
      I started a couple of years ago a blog with some pictures, then I changed to WordPress this winter and become more active on my blog.
      My interest in the blog world are: Kayaks, Photography, Travel och Writers. I´m trying to learn to write something in English (or Swedish) and it is so great to read what others have done, and how. 🙂

      My wife has Fibromyalgia and MS, so I know what that means.

      Stefan V

  2. Hi Stefan, and thank you for following my blog. I enjoy your photos, since I am very drawn to northern landscape (Arctic Canada, Iceland, Greenland but not yet Sweden), and I admire your skill with tight focus. I felt I could reach out and pat Molly, for example.

  3. Hi Stefan, glad to know you through the net 🙂
    Thanks for liking one of my post and also for following
    Your blog is great, I will visiting it often for sure

  4. hi stefan, thank you for following my blog and i’m now following yours too.. your blog is beautiful with nice photos.. by the way, molly is an adorable sweetheart.

  5. Hello, and thank you for the follow. I hope at least some of my posts will help you to gain a better understanding of how English works. I love your photographs, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

  6. Thank you for coming to my blog. I am now going through a very difficult time, so I m not posting on my blog anything new. But there are many posts that I made eralier. If you search in the calendar by month you’ll find some posts that might interest or amuse you. So welcome to my blog and welcome to my world! Vera

  7. Hi Stefan, thanks for the likes and follow.
    I also like your blog layout and style. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Best wishes,

  8. Hi there Stefan, Thanks for following my blog. I have recently moved to szeweyskitchensink.com so I hope you follow me there too. I have been enjoying your photos for a while. I love the water and your photos bring that out so well.

  9. Syefan, I love the attitude and the scenery. Just came over to say many thanks for the follow placed on my wee blog. It is greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. While I am placing a follow on your own blog you should know that I don’t just go round placing a follow on everyone who follows me. It has to be earned. You have earned it and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures – yet to go to Sweden…..

  10. Hi Stefan, nice to meet you. You have some fabulous photos! Especially the ones taken from the kayak. And many cameras! I’ve just bought myself an Olympus mirrorless – E-M1, and just the one lens (14-150). I’ll get more lenses later, a wide angle and a 400mm prime.
    Don’s son and his wife and family live in Sweden, near Linköping. He’s an English teacher in Våstervik. We’ve been to visit many times and really enjoy Sweden.
    Thanks for all the ‘likes’, and for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey.

    1. I agree, I tried for a while to have my SLR between my knees i a waterproof bag, incase I see some birds or so.
      But when I grab my camera out of the bag, the bird wasn´t there anymore.. 🙂

  11. Kayaking looks very peaceful. A good friend has recently taken it up, but I have never been in one. What is that pouch around your neck? Something waterproof to keep your camera dry?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Hi Judie.
      It is very relaxing and I enjoy my days on the water.
      There is a pocket in front of my PFD (Personal Floating Device), the camera are waterproof so I can have that everywere.


  12. Thanks so much Stefan for visiting my blog site. I love your photographs! And your English is good. I think your idea to read more English is a good one to help you along in your writing. There will be a lot of different author’s “voices” and style that you’ll pick up on. Especially reading chapters in my book Happily Ever After. I start out with the voice of a five-year-old and will end with a teenager’s voice at seventeen. Other post entries are all with an adult voice. Looking forward to reading more on your site! Many of the photos on my site were taken with a Galaxy 4G phone camera.

  13. Thanks for the follow and comment Stefan! I’ve returned the compliment so I can keep an eye of your kayak adventures. I’m a surf-kayaker myself although I haven’t been out for a while 🙂

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog & for the follow. I have looked through a number of your photos. The landscape reminds me of where I am from in Minnesota – USA. Beautiful images! Keep shooting!!

  15. Thanks for all my ‘likes’ Stefan. You seem to be quite an expert with that kayak!
    Your photography expertise is impressive too.
    Happy memories of Sweden- Gripsholm, Nykoping and an archipelago cruise where a lot of crayfish were consumed!

      1. Hej! Nej det gör jag inte. Jag bor i Grythyttan så det är ju nära! 🙂 Jag tar lite foton på fritiden, är faktiskt min nyfunna hobby, började lite smått förra året och körde på nu i januari när jag köpte min Canon systemkamera. Håller på att kika lite på dina, är det natur du gillar mest?

      2. Du tar för bra bilder för hobbybruk.. 🙂
        Jag har nära till naturen och vår och sommar är jag mycket ute med tält och kajak, oftast vänern där jag sitter ibland och väntar på ett bra fototillfälle på havsörn. Mitt 250mm objektiv är dock oftast i kortaste laget..

  16. Hi vanner

    Really interesting write up about you and equally interesting about the kayak bit, thanks for liking my photos and also following my blog)) any particular article you wish to read written by me do tell)) ciao

    1. Hi, and thanks back to you. 🙂
      I use the kayak half the year, I want it warm and relaxing not so much circling around ice.So not many pictures from the kayak right now, normally the snow and ice melting in Mars-April.
      I gonna follow your blog and give you some comments (i am really bad in english, have that in mind please) 🙂

  17. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for following my blog. I’m glad you liked it.
    I think you might be more a cameraholic than a kayakaholic. 😉
    I like your collection. Have you decided on a favorite yet?
    I’m getting to really like my new waterproof olympus point and shoot (I got it after I flipped myself over last time I tried kayaking). I can carry it everywhere and don’t have to worry about the rain (or falling overboard). 😉

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