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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not as fun as it sounds.. :)

It’s time for an update regarding my “illness” (CFS).

Here in Sweden I have about 80% of salary when I´m sick, the amount decreases slightly with time and after 2.5 years so it ends. This will happen to me in April this year, then take a Job Centre over my work situation. I hope to continue working at my current employer, where I get along very well and has an interesting job.

I now work 25% and going to make a last final effort so I end up at 75-100% before April. (and decrease the amount of medicine) In the current situation it feels that it is possible but I have previously had both ups and downs, but as has been said .. right now it feels good.

Kind regards

Stefan Viklund

… who tries to:  Always look at the bright side of life (whistling) 🙂

I´ve used Google to translate this but I hope you understand some parts of it..