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Update on my Fatigue syndrome

I believe that I did a post about my problems with Fatigue syndrome last year, this is an update on that:

After doing a large variety of tests at the hospitals in Arvika and Karlstad, I’m sure I have no “letter diagnosis” (like ADHD, ADD, ACDC ….)
It seems that I “just” have an excerpt and quite a hard fatigue syndrome. It’s almost 5 years since it started.
I’m just waiting to see some signs of returning to a normal life, I’m pretty tired of being tired all the time .. 😉

Stefan Viklund


An update about my work situation/illness

Since my earlier update:

… I have searched for a “second opinion” in Gothenburg (Not so fun to drive 400 km t/r for a one hour consultation with a psychiatrist). Next meeting are April 1st. I hope this is leading somewhere.
My personally thought are that I´m getting better and more alert (still bad memory, age error probably) 🙂

According to the Swedish approach ends my financial contribution from the “sick insurance” April 17st (very exciting), I’m allowed to be sick with contribution for 2.5 years, after that I end up automatically in the Employment Service.
With these guys, I will have a meeting next week, then we’ve changed my jobs chores (not the same tracks as before), I am convinced that it will end up well.
I have also started to decrease my medication and my head/body are still working good. Very satisfied with this..
I still hope and believe that I can return to 100% working time before April is over. (Less time with the camera, but I can live with that) 🙂

If the texting look funny and strange… blame Google Translate. 🙂

Life can be quite exiting time to time, sometimes too exiting.. 😉

Stefan V

An update of my illness

As a continuation of my previous post:

After a numbers of visits on the summer to the doctors with tests of different medicines, I think and hope that we are now on the right track. Still I have problems with the night sleep, still I think  it´s going to be better if I manage 50% work (instead of 25%) then I hopefully gets better sleep.
My papers says still that I´m: burned out, some depression and ADSL… sorry, ADHD.. 🙂

What have been on my camera-sensor today?

First I had a planned visit to my doctor and the result of that meeting was: replace one medicine with two others. 🙂

It´s still a mess in my head and my strength are just over zero.

Before the visit I was at the hospital and gave some blood tests, between these I had an hour to kill so I went out in Saffle with the camera.



The old watertower




Our new shopping centers in 2015

Fatigue Syndrome and Depression

Hey, I thought to write down a bit about my illness the past two years.
October 2012, I went home from work with a diagnosis Fatigue Syndrome. A very tough situation where I had a lot to do and I really enjoyed to work as a ICT Admin. I have worked with this for 14 years.
In retrospect, it was a wise choice to make contact with the healthcare system, it had not been so happy to “work on” for a while.
I was on sick leave until April 2013 when I started working 25% and up to now I have fluctuated between 25% – 75% work.
I’ve tried 4 different medications that should help me gain strength and stamina.
Meanwhile, it has been added to diagnoses from psychiatric consultant, such as depression and a variant of ADHD.
This package of diagnoses gives me:
• A fatigue that does not help to sleep away
• Short-term memory, forgetting names, difficulty typing on keyboard, forget times and schedules
• Difficulties to answer the phone, visit family, children and friends.
• “Multitasking” does not work at all
• Night Sleep is very poor, despite medicine
• Can´t do any “projects” at home, just simple chores (if I have the energy)
• I often go away when it gets a lot of people around me
You would think that I should soon recover after such a long period of illness, but psychiatrist and other doctors believe that this kind of affliction “take time” before I am myself again.

As you can see on this blog, I have been out with the kayak and tent on 2-4 day trips, this was great for a long time, but this year it’s less paddling and more to sit on a rock and watch the sunsets. I also have to rest many times when I pack up or down the camping spots. I have also had problems remembering to pack in the right order without forgetting something.

An awkward situation is that you can get a picture of me as lazy and forgetful, but I focus on getting well instead.

I do not know what the interest is on this, but this is my life right now.. 🙂

Stefan V

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