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New cigar-blog

Hi, I´m separating my hobbies into two blogs.

In this one (Vanerpaddel) I keep my pictures of Foto-365, nature, family, kayak-travels and so on.

In my new blog: The Cigars of Ostergarden I´m moving all tobacco-related stuff to.

Everything from the first seed (starting with the seeds in the end of feb) to the finish cigar. I promize a lot of pictures this year. I have just started a small project to do a humidor of an old furniture, that are also documented in pictures.



Tobacco kiln update

Upgraded my “kiln” yesterday. Our full-length freeze quieted so I moved this to my workshop / outhouse. I drilled three holes for; The power unit from a computer that I use as a fan, A “cooking hob” for food, the last hole is for an extra light for the heat (does not seem to be needed). Will also install a temp sensor later, now the cable goes through the door. It´s working perfectly.