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Making cakes in the outdoors (Updated)

Here we bake a very good chocolate cake at a fireplace. It takes about 45 minutes.

Glaskogen 043

Glaskogen 047

Just ad water in a plastic bag together with the substance in the red/white box.

Sorry but the recepie are on the other side of the box. 🙂

Glaskogen 049

It is important to eat well and healthy when you are out in nature, otherwise it can affect the balance.  🙂



Cold water

Interesting url about cold water:


A couple of years ago I capsized with my kayak in Vänern.

The water temp was 12-13º C. No drysuite, just shorts and a Tshirt. I was back up in the kayak in 10 minutes but it took a while that evening to get warm again.

It was a great lesson, I learned a lot that day ( after that I don´t have so much loose bags and things around my seat) I also purchased a drysuite.


Kayak trips

If you are extremely interested in sea kayaks and paddle tours, I have filmed many of my travels and uploaded them to Youtube and Vimeo.
The videos are maybe a little repetitive with a yellow triangle (the kayak) on the bottom of the screen almost all the time .. 🙂

Most of my clips are made in 720p, pls use that for better contrast and colors.

Here is one example: