Svärdlång. En träningsrunda med kajak.

Gjorde årets första motionspaddling idag. Det blev ett varv i sjön Svärdlång, nära Skåpafors och Bengtsfors.
27km och 7km/tim i snitt, det är jag nöjd med (jag stannade ju upp ibland och fotade också). 🙂

Did the first exercise paddling for 2013 today. It was around the lake Svärdlång close to Skåpafors and Bengtsfors.
27km and 7km/tim average, I’m happy with this. (I hit the brakes regularly and taking photos also) 🙂


Lurö-paddling med Karlstads Friluftsfrämjare

Mellan den 5/6 till 9/6 så gjordes det en härlig paddling i Mässviks, Eskilsäters och Lurö skärgårdar. 55km.

Links to Youtube videos:
A great paddletrip 5th to 9th of June 2013
There was a planned kayak trip in Vaner lake in Sweden, there were about 10 to12 paddlers in this paddle. Three of us started from the south of Vänern and the rest started from Ekenas jetty in Saffle kommun. The island Luro lays in the middle of Vanern and the archipelargo is north of the island, so the guys who started from the south has to paddle 12km in open water.
Robin glider i kvällssolen
The first evening I got a short paddle (5km) to Bahallen, a small island were we had placed our tents for the three following days. The first morning started with a sunny and warm day and some guys planned a trip to the east part of the archipelargo, there are some nice islands to explore, some of them with beacons.
I stayed on Bahallen that day and tried to catch some fish with my fly fishing rod…with no success, took a bath instead.
Soluppgång, Bahallen 04:30
Små grodämnen
The third day we went north on the west side of Ekenas tip of Varmlansnas. Not the same great wheather but no rain, just windy. We stayed for lunch and then went back to Bahallen.
Gregory hissar segel
Persedel-vård är viktigt. Här polerar Mikael skorna så de blev som nya..
Time for food
We packed our tents the fourth day and paddled to Stenstaka on the west side on Luro, there is a nice restaurant with locally captured fish. There is also a ship named “Gjöa” and is a built copy of Roald Amundsen´s ship that was the first ship who passed the Northwest passage 1906.
After lunch we went to the south of Luro, the beacon “Stangudden” and the shipwreck south of Stangudden. We put up our tents in Bosshamn, on the east side of Luro. It is a great bay for sailboats and kayakers with rocks and sands (and wery cold water).
Båtvraket vid Trädgårdsholmarna, söder om Stångudden
On the fifth morning some guys went back to the south of Vanern and the rest of us went slowly back north. We stopped for lunch at Vithall, there is a protected house ( a museum) who was moved from another island back in 1822:
“The little grey cottage was moved to Vithall from Djurö already in 1822 and may be among the oldest buildings on the islands of Lake Vänern. The siblings Gustav and Matilda Svensson grew up and lived all his life in the small fishing cottage on Vithall. It was their mother “Beautiful Anna” who gave the island the nickname “Island of Happiness” once upon a time.
– They had nothing, not even an outhouse, says Sune Westerberg staying in Lurö and know Vithall well.
The brother took care of farming and fishing, while her sister took care of the animals. A couple of cows, a few sheep, a pig and some chickens were what they had on the island.
The siblings moved from Vithall 1959 and died a year later.
Preserved cottage
Vithall owned by Gaperhults joint property they lease the island and home to Ruth and Walter Andersson. Ruth and Walter was once a lighthouse keeper on Lurö and it was they who once kept the house so that it still looks like it did when the siblings left the island.
The door to the house is always open and the house has become a different kind of museum that shows how siblings Gustav and Matilda once lived and worked on the island. Guestbook on the table testifies to many visitors.
– It is open year round and there are several thousand visitors a year, says Sune Westerberg.”
Gastronomi i den högre skolan, Robin och Mikael försöker sig på Ravioli till lunch
After that visit we paddled to the island named “Tyskland” (on English “Germany”) .. don´t ask, I do not know why.. Then it was time for us to paddle back to Ekenäs jetty and pack our cars.

Kållandsö 2013/05/09-12

En liten sammanfattning av helgens kajakpaddling.
Vi startade vid Djurgårdsudde i Ullersund, åkte österut till Läckö slott därefter tältuppslagning på Lindön.
Dag 2 så snurrade vi omkring i Ekens skärgård, sedan tillbaka till tälten på Lindön.
Dag 3 hamnade vi vid Navens fyr där vi lunchade, därefter svängde vi söderut, i motvind, upp med tälten igen på St Slanthall.
Dag 4 påbörjades hemfärden till bilarna, via Rackeby skärgård, förbi Lindholmen, genom Lindsjösjön, under  Ulleredsbron och tillbaka till bilparkeringen. En trevlig resa på 65km.


Invigning av Naturum på Läckö slott

Då har vi varit på invigningen av Naturum “Victoriahuset” vid Läckö slott. Jag har bidragit med lite material (foto och video) till en interaktiv informations-skärm på 42″ där man kan välja vilket område av Vänern som är intressant via knapptryckningar. Den finns vid entrén, direkt till vänster.. mycket sevärt. 🙂

Höll på att glömma… Kronprinsessan Victoria och Daniel var där också.. 🙂

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