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Homemade Tobacco for pipes

Hi, I have bought a few different types of seeds of tobacco;

Nicotiana rustica and Virginia (Nicotiana tabacum) and a few more varieties are on order.

During the year I will hopefully harvest, dry, ferment and shred self-made pipe tobacco (maybe I do a few flakes too).

If you want, you can follow my adventures in this project here on the blog.

The seeds are very tiny, here are Nicotiana rustica with long shadows


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Back from a rainy, windy Kayak trip

In the end of my vacation I did a short visit to a island I often camp on.

It was planned 3 day, but I went home one day early because of the wind.

Was not able to paddle back from I started the day before,it was a major head wind against me so I ended up on a beach instead, where my wife picked me up with the car. 🙂