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Weekend in a kayak

Despite some rain it turned out to be a great trip to Lurö.

Started with nice weather (not rain), about 5km to “Bahallen” , set the tent up and had a wonderful evening with no wind. The following morning started with rain but it stopped in the afternoon when we went to “Lurö” 6km. After a almost sunny day and a good night sleep we jumped in our kayaks and went to “Vithall”, a tiny island with a little house who are always open to visit, like a museum. Then we went back (with rain) to Ekenäs there we started the whole trip.

Yes, my english are like this. No improvements there. 🙂


Trangia stove

Today I tested my new Trangia 25-6 UL with the new multifuel burner X2.

I can use: White gas, unleaded petrol/gasoline, kerosene, diesel, butane/propane canisters (and alcohol with original Trangia burner)… and whiskey, but the unleaded petrol seems to be the best choise.

Earlier I have used my old Trangia 27, a smaller version than the 25 and only used it with the alcohol burner.